Toddller Newsletter August


This Month we have welcomed Miss Samantha to the Toddler room. Miss Samantha has enjoyed creating bonds with all the children and she looks forward to getting to know the families as well.

Last month in the Toddler room we focused on colour recognition and exploring our sensory capabilities, the children played with sensory bags, slime, cloud dough and other activities that allowed them to use all their senses. During group time we have also implemented singing our ABC’s and counting to 10 and back again which the children have exceled with. The children also learnt about Australian animals during NADOC week and jungle animals.

This month the children will be focusing on dramatic play and creating bonds with their peers as this is something the children show a lot of interest in. This week the children can join in with their peers as they use their imagination bandaging their peers and the babies in a hospital/doctors setting. Each week this area will change to what the children are interested in, so parents please feel free to comment on the input board or speak to any of the Toddler room staff if you have anything you would like to implement in your child’s learning.  Also, we will be extending on what the children learnt last month. This month we will also be incorporating in group time the acknowledgment to the land.

Books and song of the month

-Big Bad Bully Bug

-Don’t put your finger in the jelly Nelly

‘Roll the bobbin up’

Roll the bobbin up, roll the bobbin up

Pull, pull, clap, clap, clap

Roll it back again, roll it back again

Pull, pull, clap, clap, cap

Point to the celling, point to the floor

Point to the window, point to the door

Clap your hands together 1,2,3

Lay them gently on your knees.

Please ensure your children has the following items:


-Water bottle


-Spare clothing

Please note:

We are asking that all parents please take home their child’s belonging on the last day at the centre for the week.

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