Sarah Borg

Sarah Borg

Sarah Borg

I am the Director/Nominated Supervisor for Snugglepot Kindyland Education and Care Centre. I have been at the service for almost two years now, and have been directing at the service for a year and a half. I’ve been working within the Early Childhood Education and Care profession for approximately 10 years. My career started off during high school when I volunteered at a local long day care service which lead into a Traineeship for studying Certificate lll in Children’s Services. Since then I have worked with children of all ages from 6 weeks to 12 years and completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care during this time. In June of 2015 I will be commencing my Bachelor of Early Childhood to expand my knowledge on Early Childhood and Children’s Development.

I believe each child is unique and has their own personality, no child is the same. Every child within my care is provided with the ability to learn at their own pace. I promote an inclusive environment which is open to diversity as all children and families are equal and respected for who they are.

Every child’s learning journey begins with their family and this is why I ensure I have a collaborative partnership with all families within the service to enhance children’s and families’ sense of belonging and identity within the services environment.

It is important that all children feel safe, secure and supported within their learning environment. We accomplish this by providing children with an environment that is warm, friendly, and reflective of their interests that will allow for trust and security to build.

I am a strong believer in Play Based Learning as it enhances all developmental areas, from physical through to emotional. It is through this learning that children are provided with the best opportunity to extend on their own interests and ideas which also enhances their thinking abilities and their desire to learn.

As an educator I value intentional teaching as it provides guidance for children to allow them to expand their views, ideas and thoughts on the environment which they live and learn in. Through intentional teaching children are exposed to long life skills which will continue to grow as they get older.

I believe in role modeling hygiene practices and supporting children’s health needs is important as every child has the right to learn and explore a healthy environment. It is my duty of care to ensure all children are adequately supervised while upholding children to educator ratios and to avoid children being exposed to risks or hazards.