Michale Cindric

Michale Cindric is the Approved Provider and owner of the centre.

What is an Approved Provider?

An Approved Provider is a person or an entity who holds a Provider Approval granted under the Education and Care Services National Law (QLD). This approval authorises the Approved Provider to operate an approved education and care service.

Approved Providers were formerly known as licensees of children’s services.

What exactly is the Approved Provider?

This depends on the structure of our long day care centre. An Approved Provider can be a person or it can be a body corporate, an eligible association, a partnership or an entity such as a local council. The majority of preschools or long day care centres in Queensland are run by some sort of body corporate of this type. Therefore, it is the organisation or company that is the Approved Provider. The company directors and members of management committees and boards of children’s services are responsible for ensuring that the organisation or company meets its responsibilities under the Law and Regulations.