How to use the kiosk sign-in facility

We are very excited to inform you that our service has subscribed to a fantastic digital sign in/out program called QK Kiosk.

Why the new sign in/out process?

Our service is joining over 500 childcare services across Australia by subscribing to this modern sign in/out process. Its reputation proves itself to be the easiest and most time-saving sign in/out process in the market. Old paper sign in/out sheets are now a thing of the past as this Kiosk facility assists us to increase efficiency and better manage our centre because when you sign your child or children in and out, your name, and the exact times are recorded and automatically updated in our main childcare management software program.

How do I log in?

We have a device available that is wall mounted in each room except in the Nursery which has a handheld device.

To log in, follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert your phone number
  2. On the first day, it will ask you to set your private pin code. You have now set your log in details (phone number & pin).
  3. Sign your child or children in or, out or mark as absent.
  4. Done!
  5. Repeat on collection.

If the QK Kiosk (touchscreen) doesn’t accept your phone number, please double check it with an educator to see if we have your correct phone number on our system. We can quickly update it, then you’ll be able to log in.

What happens if I need a family member or friend to drop off or collect?

No worries, because family a member or friend will be in our system as an emergency contact for your family. So they will have their own log in details (phone number & private pin) to drop off or collect.

For a better understanding of how you’ll use the QK Kiosk to sign your child or children in or out, please view this video.