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Good Morning Families,


We are extremely excited to announce that on the 10th of December 2018 we will start to provide a food service that caters for Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea from 6 months onwards. The menu will comprise of hot and cold food that meets the nutritional needs of each child. This is a large step forward for us and the last part of our planned expansions for this service. We will be utilising the expertise of a 3rd party company who will prepare the food off-site and deliver it fresh daily. They have a team of fully qualified chefs who will meet the nutritional needs of each child and cater for those who have any special dietary requirements.


This means we will become a full-service centre providing everything but the children. To provide this full service there will need to be a fee change to our sessional fees. When making changes to fees we have always strived to keep them as low as possible while covering costs. The following table will be our sessional fee structure:

  All Day 10 Hour Session 9 Hour Session 6 Hour Session
Sessional Times
*Indicative times only. Session start and end times may vary after 2018
6:30AM – 6:30PM 7AM – 5PM * 8AM – 5PM * 9AM – 3PM *
Grace Period Not Applicable 30 min each side 15 min each side 15 min each side
Early drop off or late pickup admin charge

(outside of grace period)

Not Applicable $5 for every 30 min charged in 30 min blocks $5 for every 15 min charged in 15 min blocks $5 for every 15 min charged in 15 min blocks


GROUPS All Day 10 9 6 CASUAL
0 – 2 $101 $100 $99 $96 $101
2 – 3 $98 $97 $96 $93 $98
3+ $95 $94 $93 $90 $95

Terms and conditions:
Sessions are subject to availability. Session windows may vary and are subject to change. We may offer other sessions that are subject to our eligibility criteria. An additional admin charge applies if you drop off/collect your child outside the grace period, but within centre operating hours, and/or after the centre has closed. Additional terms and conditions apply and may be subject to change without notice.

Kind Regards

Michale Cindric
Approved Provider

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