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Kindy June 2018

Introducing our Teachers


Miss Tegan            Miss Emily

We would like to welcome Miss Emily into the Kindergarten room. We are very excited to have her onboard with us at Sungglepot Kindyland. Miss Emily is Studying her Bachelor of Primary Education. She loves working with children and seeing a smile of their faces. Miss Emily loves spending time with her family and friends and enjoys fishing, beach and adventures as an outside activity. Miss Emily is eager to work and form relationships with both the children and families and continue to form trust and bonds. Miss Emily is certainly keen to work with this amazing group of children.

Indoor Intentional Teaching
Apart of our intentional teaching, we have been focusing on number and letter recognition. We have implemented counting in our morning group time through interactive games and flash cards. We now have moved onto letter recognition through flash cards as well. Children have been provided with independently tracing and writing numbers and letters. We have been focusing on tripod grip and pencil control throughout these experiences. We have started looking at the formation of where to start and finish when writing these number and letters.

Independence is very important as this is an essential skill they need for prep. We have been encouraging children to look after their belongings by placing them away in the correct areas. We have been encouraging children to apply their own sunscreen, placing their own clothing/shoes on, wiping their own noses/faces throughout the day. We have been providing children with choices which is allowing them to follow their interests and have input into their learning.

Outdoor Intentional Teaching
In the outdoor environment we have been focusing on ball skills. We have been implementing games where children are learning to throw and catch by learning speed and direction. We have also been focusing on gross motor development by setting up challenging obstacles within the environment.

Children have been enhancing balance, jumping, hopping, hand-eye coordination, communication,




sharing and turn-taking when engaging in these experiences.

Next month we are going to continue to focus on numeracy and literacy through play-based experiences. We are planning to focus on children enhancing their knowledge of the days of the week. We are going to focus on positional language which will allow children to expand their vocabulary. We are going to start implementing a sign in book, where the children are to sign in, tracing over the stencil of their names. Parents are encouraged to spend the time with their child to help them engage in developing the skill for their child to write their name. This is helping the children recognise their names and become more familiar with the how to write their names which is promoting school readiness. This is a very important skill, for when they are going to prep.

Children’s Song Choice

Barramundi, Barramundi
Cockatoo, Cockatoo
Emu and Koala, Emu and Koala
Kangaroo, Kangaroo

Crabs and Sea shells, Crabs and Sea shells
Big sharks too, big sharks too
Octopus and Penguins, Octopus and Penguins
Dolphins too, Dolphins too.

Please ensure your children have the following:
– Hat
– Water bottle
– Lunch boxes (healthy choices: e.g fruit, sandwiches, yoghurt, crackers etc).
– Fitted bed sheets & blanket

  • Depending on how many hours your child is attending please ensure they have enough food for throughout the day. A guide is a minimum of 6 items as we encourage children to eat 2 items per meals.
  • As it is becoming colder, please ensure your child is wearing appropriate clothing when attending Kindy. Please ensure they are bringing shoes and warm clothing as we still go outside in the outdoor environment during the cooler months.
  • We also recommend that you please tie your children’s hair up when attending Kindy, as this is a great way to limit the spread of head lice.


Toddlers June 2018

This month will be full of fun for the toddlers!   All this month the toddlers will be learning about colours! We have previously introduced the colour flashcards during group time and the children really enjoyed this activity and showed progress with their colour recognition. To continue with the children interest we will bring in more colours for the children… Read more →

Junior Kindy June 2018

Junior Kindy June Newsletter

Over the last month, the children have shown great interest in singing the alphabet and recognising the first letter of their names, counting to 20, recognising shapes and colours during group time and during free play. We have displayed numbers and the alphabet on the wall for the children to explore on their own or as a group.

At this age some children still find it hard to share and positively express their emotions. We will be working closely with all children to encourage them to share with their peers and educators and help encourage the children to express their emotions in a positive way. We ask all parents to implement these strategies at home to help with this process.

We are always interested to hear feedback and input into our routine and program in the room. If any parents have feedback or input into our program please don’t hesitate to see Junior Kindy Staff.

Please remember- To name all your child’s belongings, so it is easier for staff to identify each child’s belongings and make them less likely to get lost or misplaced


Song of the month: Barramundi-(to the tune of Frere Jacque)

Barramundi, Barramundi  (Put hands together and move them back and forth like a fish swimming.)

Cockatoo, Cockatoo! (Put one hand on top of your head to mime the crest on the head of a cockatoo.)

Cuddly koala, Cuddly koala (Hug yourself.)

Kangaroo, Kangaroo! (Put your hands in front of you with fingertips pointing down, arms bent at the elbow to look like a kangaroo’s little hands and jump (if you’re standing).


Crabs and sea shells,    (Crabs – Whole hand pincer grip clap ie: duck bill hands.)

Crabs and sea shells.     (Seashells – hands open like flowers.)

Dolphins too,                   (Dolphins – arms make jumping motions.)

Dolphins too.

Octopus and penguins,   (Octopus – wobble arms and bodies.)

Octopus and penguins.    (Penguins – arms at side stand up straight.)

Big sharks too                    (2 arms opening and closing like a mouth)

Big sharks too